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Learn about all aspects and benefits of marijuana. Follow our comprehensive guide to medical marijuana, types and strains of cannabis, legalities, and acquisition options. 

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It is no longer a secret that marijuana has many benefits. Medical marijuana uses have been widely discussed. Cannabis is being legalized in many state and the process is ongoing. Here, we discuss all aspects of the science, uses, legalities, and business of marijuana.


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Everything Marijuana

An idea behind this website came to light as a result of my own experience. I am Pamela Lauber, the founder of Here, I share my own experience of treating chronic pain and inflammation with marijuana in stead of addictive and dangerous opioids.

Throughout the years I have done a lot of research into marijuana’s benefits, types, strains, and dosage. I realized that there was a need for a comprehensive portal to combine information on all aspects of marijuana. 

This website is a collection of all essential information that pertains to marijuana. We are here to answer questions, provide guidance, and build a network of cannabis-related businesses.


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The many benefits of Cannabis.
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