Types And Strains Of Marijuana

Three main types of cannabis – sativa, indica, and hybrid – are well known. They are characterized by the difference in the amount of two main chemicals, THC and CBD, contained in the marijuana plant. These types are further divided into strains with more narrow, detailed characteristics of the effects they produce.

Types of Marijuana

Effects of marijuana can vary greatly. As potential users explore their options, it is important to know the different types of marijuana and the effects they produce. The types of marijuana are identified by the CBD to THC ratio. Within each type, there are multiple strains cultivated by cannabis producers. Each strain has its own, narrowly targeted effect. Let’s get familiar with the types of marijuana first.

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Strains of Marijuana

While cannabis is a very versatile in its medicinal applications, it is important to select the correct strain of the plant to achieve desired health effects. Generally, marijuana producers and dispensaries will divide their marijuana products into strains. Let’s take a look at most common and popular strains of marijuana.


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