About Us

Everything Marijuana was started by a person who personally experienced healing effects of cannabis. This is the story of Pamela Lauber, the founder and the leader of this company.

We Have One Goal

Everything Marijuana, The Origins

My name is Pamela Lauber and I’m the face behind everythingmarijuana.com  I started this site after researching marijuana for over 20 years.  My quest is a result of three cervical fusions and a host of other issues as a result of sports and car accidents.  At one point, I was bed bound for over two and a half years while being treated for extreme pain with narcotics.  I have found that marijuana is a much better option when treating pain and inflammation.  I currently own three other businesses and am working to complete my PHD.  I was a college professor for 9 years and my hopes are to return to the classroom once I finish my PHD.  I have been in the right place at the right time on at three occasions were I was credited for saving someone’s life.  I hope this site will help save the lives of those suffering from ailments that marijuana can clearly help.  My hope is that this site will provide viewers with accurate information given from a reputable source.

Our Mission

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We are creating a network of cannabis vendors to connect with customers. Doctors and sellers involved in the marijuana industry, we are looking for you!

Grown With Love on Our Farms

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Trevor D. William

Founding Farmer