Side Effects Of Marijuana

Like with any medicine, different people react differently to marijuana. It is important to understand the potential side effects this generally harmless plant can cause.

Side Effects of Marijuana

Depending on a strain of marijuana and individual health conditions of a person using it, marijuana can cause a number of side effects. While most of them are mild and rare, it is strongly advised to exercise caution when using marijuana. Start with smaller doses and try different strains and product to find the one that work best.

Mental Health Implications

Use of marijuana impairs attention and judgment. Do not drive or operate machinery while experiencing effects of use of marijuana. While marijuana is said to be an effective treatment for certain mental conditions, use it with extreme caution. Marijuana may exacerbate certain mental conditions and is to be used only if prescribed by a doctor. Smoking marijuana can affect memory and cognitive functions as well as cause an addictive effect.

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Interactions With Other Substances

It is important to be very careful when using marijuana in connection with other medications or chemical substances. As a powerful substance itself, marijuana may cause undesirable or even dangerous effects if combined with other chemicals.


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